Monday, July 11, 2016

The Cherry on Top!


Elisa's Baptism
Well, what a wonderful ending to 2 wonderful years! Elisa was baptized, and we have left a great legacy here with miracle investigators, and great relationships with the members. 

On Thursday we saw a great miracle when I knocked a door and found a man named Jose whose wife Narcissa is gravely sick with tuberculosis. When we entered she was having a panic attack, but we offered to give her a blessing, and she suddenly calmed down and began to say that I was the angel she had seen in a dream not long ago that would come back to bless her family. We gave her a blessing and she was very calm afterwards. We came back again Saturday morning and she was looking even better. We taught The Restoration and they accepted a baptismal date for August 20th. For her sickness they weren't able to go to church, but they want to go and I know they'll be going soon.

Elisa and her husband who baptized her
Honestly I couldn't have had a better finish than the one I had. Elder Williams and I decided since the beginning of this change that we would give our all, and we were confident that the Lord would do miracles. He kept His end of the deal because we kept ours. I think this change was more filled with miracles than any other change in my whole mission. Heavenly Father is real. He lives and loves us. To deny that would be to ignore everything I have seen and done for 23 months. I can't deny it and I never will. 23 months has caused in me the change of a lifetime.

I can say, as President Uchtdorf, that the gospel works wonderfully, and I couldn't ask for more!


-Elder Jackson


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