Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ben is Letter deprived.....

Hey mom, 

District p-day playing pool
I don't really have anything to say in the blog letter, but I'll write you. This week I had my last interview with president! He gave a lot of great advice and had us make a list of goals in categories of spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, and financial. I'll share those with you when I get home so you can be aware of what my goals are and hold me responsible for it ;)

Did you guys get my flight itinerary cuz I haven't yet. [Comes home through Houston and arrives at 4:30pm on Wednesday July 13th.]

Love you!


Yeah, I don't think he has grown up much!

Monday, June 20, 2016

My Joy is Full!

Hello everyone!

First week with Elder Williams
I'm simply very happy and content. I can't say every day was perfect this week, but I just feel a great calm like I've never felt in my whole mission. Like Heavenly Father is letting me know that I'm doing a good job. I still have many things that I'm working on and I'll keep working on them til I get em, but I've finally felt that peace of mind that my efforts haven't been in vain. 

We had a lot of wonderful miracles this week, mostly having to do with member help and great people who are ready to be baptized. We were able to have 19 lessons with member present (the weekly goal is 20) which was a great achievement, and our investigator Lisa is basically ready to be baptized. Her testimony grows every time we visit them and she really wants to go to church again when her 40 days of bed rest are over (this week)!

French Frie 'Stache!
I can't say more than that my joy is full. The Lord has been my support and I almost can't believe that I've come this far. But then I remember how much He loves me and wants me to succeed. All my success is thanks to Him, and I will give the rest of my life to Him.

I love you all!

-Elder Jackson

Celebrating "1-month left" with ice cream!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What to Write About?

Hello everyone!

Honestly this week I don't really know what to tell you. Elder Williams and I have been rippin it up, and we've been seeing a lot of blessings, especially in working with members. One single adult named Erick who's preparing to go on a mission leaves with us any day we want, plus one of the brothers who was the last stake president and his son are both super willing to help out. Almost everyone we've been working with are part-member families, so we have a lot of support from the ward leaders too, since we'll be reactivating and baptizing at the same time. 

Right now we're teaching a less active member named Fernando and his wife Lisa who isn't member. She just had a baby so she's still in her rest period, but she's super anxious to go to church again and this week they should go. She has a baptismal date for July 2nd.

Something I pondered a lot about this week, and I've put into practice is the simplicity of the 13 articles of faith and the principles they teach. Sometimes I struggle to explain gospel principles in a clear and direct way, but I've been studying the articles of faith and using them in lessons. I noticed that the first six are almost directly related to the principles in Lesson 1 and are so straightforward and obviously biblically based that they are undeniable truths. The hard of heart will always deny spiritual truths, but the articles of faith are truly inspired by God and I know they are true.

Love you all!

-Elder Jackson

Monday, June 6, 2016

Correction: The LEGENDS have Returned!

Hello again!

So talking with Elder Williams we found out that this will be our 7th change total in this zone for both of us! We've both had 3 areas in this zone and we'll finish up with a total of almost 10 months in Zona Nimajuy├║! We're Old Dogs that have been resurrected... :P

We had a great week even though it's always a bit rough re-opening an area. I already knew a good number of the members and a bit of the area, so we finished the week on a very good note. We both are very happy to be together and we have the determination to make this an amazing change! 

It's amazing how God takes away our fears when we turn to Him with faith. I think one of the main ways I've seen how the spirit works is in that particular way. Sometimes when I was younger I would get super nervous and uncomfortable thinking about some things. I'd even get scared. I remember always being able to pray and feeling an immediate surge of comfort. I recognized that it was the Holy Ghost. I was reminded of those experiences last week just before changes. I was very nervous and even scared of this change. I didn't know if I was going to be able to hold out to the end. I felt like Satan was going to attack me in every way possible to make me baggy. Then I knelt down and prayed for peace. After that I just remember waking up Tuesday morning and going to changes with a huge feeling like everything was going to be alright. And sure enough, I'm here and happier than ever! I love how the Holy Ghost brings things to our remembrance; I love the name Comforter because it's true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Jackson