Monday, March 28, 2016

We're on Fire!

Hello everyone!

Literally though, I might actually spontaneously combust soon with all the heat from this week. Semana Santa for some reason is always the hottest week of the year, and this year wasn't any exception. Jutiapa is in the more deserty type part of Guatemala so there's less foliage and more volcanic rock and stuff, plus the sun itself is way hotter out here. In the shade it feels great, but when you step into the sun, it's immediate human bacon! Mom, if you saw how my nose is right now you might hit me with the still-almost-full bottle of sunscreen you sent with me. I'm getting better at using it though. 

Also on the figurative side we had a week on fire! We've been following up with Abel, the kid we found thanks to mutual, and he's so prepared! He mentioned that he's heard a lot of things about the church, but he just sees them as Satan trying to keep him from finding the truth. He also mentioned how he's been changing, and how he's felt so much more peace since he first talked to us a week and a half ago. He also said that that alone has been a pretty solid answer as to whether or not the church is true! He also came to church yesterday, bringing his girlfriend who also seems just as awesome as he is, so we'll be having some really great baptisms coming up soon!

Also we've just been really blessed in a lot of ways. On Tuesday we had zone conference, and President talked about being the 4th missionary. The 1st missionary is disobedient and does what he wants, and for that, he goes home early, not experiencing a change. The 2nd missionary is the same as the 1st, the only difference being that he finishes his whole mission, though still not experiencing a change. The 3rd missionary is obedient, and does his duty, though sees it more as a sacrifice, while always keeping within his heart the things that he would like to do. His change is little to nothing. The 4th missionary is a true disciple of Christ; Obedient, dutiful, full of charity, gives his whole heart and soul to the Lord, therefore experiencing joy and contentment while on the mission and a mighty/permanent change after the mission. We decide which one we want to be. This month of April we will be studying more in depth the talk that it comes from, so I'll be sure to share a few things I learn in the meantime :D

Love you all!

Elder Jackson

Dear Family,
Well, for March we didn't reach the 200 baptisms, but we have been improving a lot. On Friday we'll get the whole rundown on March from President in mission counsel. I've definitely felt a big difference in myself recently. I feel more capable. After zone conference, I realized I've been drifting somewhere in between a 3rd and a 4th missionary my whole mission, but that it's time to be a solid 4th. That decision has helped me a lot in the past week, and I feel like God is changing me. My weaknesses don't seem so daunting anymore. Until now I hadn't really realized how much the mission has and still can change me. I love it!


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