Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Promises = Blessings

Hi Friends and Family!

Elder Williams and Elder Ben
So this week we had a really cool experience! It was a reminder of the promises of the Lord to the faithful and diligent. As I've read the Book of Mormon on my mission I've been struck by the countless examples present in almost every chapter of the promises and prophesies followed up by the fulfillment of said promises and prophesies. The Book of Mormon is a powerful testimony of D&C 1:37-38. "What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken". Every word that comes from the mouth of God, or by His servants, will be fulfilled.

Service Project at Elder's Quorum Pres house
So as we were working on Wednesday, we were having a tough time finding people to teach, walking from one place to another until all our plans had run out. But we kept working. I remembered a contact I had and so we headed that direction to the other side of Jutiapa. As we were walking, the Bishop called us asking where we were and if we had an appointment. I responded that we didn't. He then told us that there was a young man in the chapel for mutual who wanted to talk to us and receive the lessons. We returned immediately to the chapel and found the young man named Abel. He listened attentively and when we challenged him to be baptized he accepted without hesitation. After we went to look for some members but only their young adult son was there. He told us of an investigator that he had taught with the missionaries a few months ago on the other street. we went with him and found the whole family, the father of which told us that he had already received a testimony of the church back when he listened to the missionaries in the capital but that his difficulty was his work. They are without doubt chosen children to be found at this time by us, and if we hadn't given our all, we wouldn't have been worthy of the promises that are extended to those who believe and work with diligence to accomplish what the Lord expects of them.

Elder's Quorum Pres and family
We worked with faith, and as a result, God fulfilled His promise to us as missionaries. I love this work and I love the Lord for His goodness and mercy.

Til next time!

Elder Jackson

Dear Mom & Dad,
Elder Williams is really great! He's super tall, I'll have to get a picture of us side by side. He's taller than Calvin! We've been working hard with the zone to help them see the importance of the simple things as well as their potential. 

Crazy messy before the full cleanup!
We have traveled less this change, so that's been nice, and tomorrow we have zone conference but it will be here in Jutiapa for the 3 zones that are outside the capital. I'm excited! It will be my second to last zone conference so I hope to get all I can out of it. My last conference I hope to be able to sing again. 

Love you like crazy :)


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