Monday, March 7, 2016

A Mormon like Mormon

Hello everyone!

Volcano Ipala
So last week was crazy and we hardly had time for anything because we went to hike a volcano! There was a beautiful lake in the crater and it was so peaceful, unlike the generally busy and noisy Guatemala. It was crazy hot under the sun, but for once I decided to put sunscreen on so I didn't get burned! Amazing what it does when you actually use it right?

So that was last week's big buzz, and this week was that my comp and I hiked up a nearby mountain at 6am to go sit and look out over Jutiapa and enjoy a quiet peaceful morning reading the Book of Mormon. It was so beautiful and it made me so grateful for the wonderful creations God made for us to enjoy while we're on this mortal journey. It was so quiet that I actually could hear the flower buds begin to open up as the sun hit them. I didn't think that was possible, but they make a little, hardly audible popping noises as they begin to warm up and stretch their petals!!

Ipala Lake
Also, this week I've been studying a little more on The Book of Mormon. President has assigned us to read Chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel about it, and I came to a really impacting realization of just how much The Book of Mormon has influenced my life. For most of my mission when people ask me if we're Mormons I give them the "that's what the people say" or "yeah but it's just a nickname" response. But I realized there's no shame in being compared to one of the most faithful disciples of Christ ever to live on the Earth! There are few ancient prophets that understood the principle of charity and love like Mormon did. He had a horrible life, but he never stopped loving his people even though they rejected him and the very God they were created by. That is when I realized that no one who has truly read and understood the Book of Mormon can possibly deny the fact that Mormons are Christians! My identity as a Christian and believer in Christ is deeply and eternally rooted in the teachings of the prophets of The Book of Mormon. That book is a part of who I am. I am a Mormon, I strive to be like Mormon, because he strove to be like Christ, and we know that Mormon has found his resting place in the mansions of his Father. And that is the place where I think we'd all like to go. If you want to know Christ and be like Him, read The Book of Mormon!

Elder Jackson and Elder Gee
I love you all, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

-Elder Jackson

long bus rides!

Above Jutiapa for sunrise and study

Listening to flowers open!

Mountains around Jutiapa

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