Monday, February 1, 2016

What I Love

[With transfers Ben didn't have much time so he only answered a few of my questions I had asked.]

Dear Family,
From Guatemala I love the open culture. Everyone is more open and most of them know how to be nice. I also love how on every corner there are convenient stores and bakeries with yummy pastries and stuff to eat. I love eggs and beans. I love the language too, and the authentic colored fabrics of the indigenous people. One thing that makes me happy is teaching, I love to teach lessons and share my testimony. Another thing that makes my heart happy is when the people I'm teaching feel the spirit, and also when I feel loved by the members and other missionaries. I love making other people happy, and in this area and ward that I've been in, I've focused a lot on being able to give more of myself for others. Now the ward is really sad that I'm leaving.

Yep I have changes! They're going to close our area and leave Sister Gonzalez and Aguiñada to take over the whole area. I won't be finishing my kid's training :(   We'll see where I go now, but I won't know until tonight, so you guys have to wait until next week!

I'll send photos next week, I'm still working on recovering the photos from my memory that got damaged.

Love you mom and family and anyone else that would like to read this  :D

-Elder Ben Jackson

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