Monday, February 22, 2016

Long Bus Rides and Short Days!

Hi everyone!

The time goes by way to fast when all you do is sit on buses... I feel like we didn't do much this week. Tuesday I went to an area an hour away for divisions, then Wednesday we went to the capital, a 2 ½ -hour bus ride, to do divisions with the assistants. Then Thursday morning we had to come back to Jutiapa and begin divisions with another area an hour away... but Elder Gee and I worked hard and we had quite a few investigators in church yesterday. 

In the mission we are doing a lot of prep work for March right now. President has given us a vision of our potential, reaching 200 baptisms in a month. March is the month that we'll make it. This week my companion and I have been focusing a lot on preparing people for the coming of the savior, as if he were coming in March. We ask the people we teach what they would do if they knew Jesus was coming next month, and they always say they would prepare more, so we teach them faith repentance and baptism by authority, helping them realize that unless they live the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness and with the proper authority, they won't be prepared. We've had some really spiritual lessons, and I feel the urgency that this work requires. I love inviting people to repent and be baptized, and I love teaching them the true identity of the Godhead. Those doctrines more than any are the doctrines that change lives.

I'm loving the work and the people here in Jutiapa and I love my companion, and I love all of you!

-Elder Jackson

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