Monday, February 8, 2016

Hi Mom it's Ben [on Elder Gee's email]

Hey mom! 

I'm writing from my new comp's email because for some reason myldsmail won't let me access my account... and naturally the secretaries have a meeting so they aren't able to help so my time already ran out. So I'll just mention the highlights.

I am now in an area called Jutiapa [Hu-ti-A-pa], which is outside the capital, and very hot! [the map shows Jutiapa about 3 hours southeast, if that is what he means by "outside the capital"...??]  But I'm loving it here, and do you remember that elder from the MTC that we figured out was my 4th cousin? He's now my companion, Elder Gee!! And also we are zone leaders, so I guess I know now why President didn't have me finish Elder Merdaco's training. Out here the work is really busy and we have 2 baptisms planned for this weekend! I'm absolutely loving it here! I think you should be able to respond to my email and I'll have it all worked out before next Monday, hopefully today...

Love you family!

-Elder Jackson

[Ben's Grandma Jackson, David's mom, is a Gee. So ages ago when Ben met Elder Gee we looked up the relationship and somewhere up the line the grandfathers are brothers, making the missionaries 4th cousins.] 

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