Monday, February 15, 2016

Blown Away

Hello everyone!

So it's a miracle that I'm still here, because there´s been so much wind! It was weird because I got here and it was really hot just like I expected, but after a week a crazy wind picked up, and it's been really cold and windy! I've asked around and they say it's normal for this time of year, but usually it doesn't get quite so windy or cold.

So apart from the literal sense of the phrase I've also been blown away by the really amazing people there are in Jutiapa. We are teaching a girl named Fatima, whose cousin Alba just got baptized right before I got here. She always finishes our sentences when we are teaching as if she already knew what we were talking about even though she's hardly ever gone to church before and has never been baptized in another church. She also has a crazy addiction to coffee because she's in one of those families with generations of coffee drinkers and it basically runs in her blood, but she has been trying so hard and she only drinks around 1 cup a day now, and the other day she hadn't drunk a single one! She will be baptized on Saturday.

Also we found a man named William with his wife Yuli who showed up to the chapel at like 5 in the afternoon last Sunday asking what time we had the meetings. We told him that it was in the morning, and we invited them inside to share with them. They aren't married, and they went through some really hard trials in their relationship, but they decided to start over from zero, so they sought out the Church. It turns out that about 5 months ago another elder had contacted them and had left such a huge seed of faith planted in them that they went to church a few times and even though no one talked to them they believe it's the true church and that it's where they need to be. Yuli went to the capital to work this week but we taught William 2 times in the church and he is completely convinced that it's all true, and has a huge desire to turn his life around and prove to Yuli that he has changed. We're trying to help them get married and then baptized in March.

Those are just 3 of many chosen people that we've been finding here and I'm truly humbled to be the Lord's instrument to help them return to His presence.

Love you all,

Elder Jackson

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