Monday, January 25, 2016

Nephi - Son of Helaman


This week Nephi taught me some good lessons. I've been pretty afflicted by the lack of success that we've been having, but then I read about how Nephi spent years in the north country, returning to his own house having had basically no success. When he got back things were just worse; the Gadianton robbers had taken over the government, and nobody cared about justice or mercy and their hearts had waxed cold. In his agony he cried out to God for his people, and began to preach again, again having little success. For his unwearying patience and diligence, the Lord blessed him with one of the greatest gifts a man can ever possess; the sealing keys. 

So basically I just have to suffer with patience my afflictions, and love the people, even though I already know which people who are just gonna slam their door in my face. I've felt a lot more spirit as I work with love, and I have felt the power and authority that comes from the spirit and fulfilling my calling.

Today we're going to have a zone activity and we're gonna make pancakes and smoothies. I'm in charge of the smoothies, so I'm gonna take myself back to the times when I made smoothies back home... the only bummer is that blueberries basically don't exist here, and the ones that do exist are ridiculously expensive. So it'll just be banana strawberry and ice cream. And eggs for those who dare to try it ;)

I love you and pray for you often!

-Elder Jackson

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