Monday, January 4, 2016

Gonna Get Busy!

Hello everyone!

Well seeing as I now only have 6 1/2 months left, I'm gonna be getting’ real busy! It's so strange how quickly the time goes by, I feel like yesterday I was at the year mark!

We passed some sore trials these last few weeks due to the season and the huge drop in the level of interest of basically everyone in our area as a result of the holiday rush, but now we're pulling out of it with high hopes for the new year. Elder Mercado and I are doing well, and we get along well also. We have different tastes of interests, but that just makes it all the more dynamic!

We visited Sindy yesterday and she is really interested in the doctrine of the vicarious work and the temple. We explained a little bit more about the doctrine and left her with the little book My Family for her to fill out.

Happy 2016 everyone! Remember who we celebrated just 2 weeks ago :D

-Elder Jackson

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