Monday, December 21, 2015

What a Great Gift!

Hello Everybody!

Elder Bentley and Alvarado (x-comps)
So basically I've been getting some great gifts this Christmas. One was my son Elder Mercado, and another is Cindy's baptism on Saturday! Also we had a super awesome Zone Conference on Thursday, where we felt the spirit really strong, nearly everyone was crying. I almost cried. If you guys haven't seen the new video on why we need a savior, you should see it. It is called "A Savior is Born" on and it's really powerful. We also watched Iron Will to get us pumped up, and it was so funny how everyone got so into it. It was like nobody had ever seen a movie before. In all the "intense" parts like when he was running to escape the train on the bridge everyone was freaking out as if he were going to die. We get a little movie deprived out here...

My District (plus a red tie photobomber)
So Cindy is really excited for her baptism! She's a little nervous, but she understands and loves all the doctrine when we teach it to her, and she has felt that it is true. We planned out the baptism agenda, and she asked me to baptize her. We said the time before that it would be the best if Francisco baptized her, but she said they talked and they decided that they wanted me to baptize her. I guess part of the reason could be that I've never been absent for a single lesson with them. A lot of times we do divisions, but I have always happened to stay in my area the days we visit them. They are an amazing family and their new baby girl is ridiculously cute. Cindy has been one of the things that have helped me keep going and not lose the faith. Many times God gives us trials, but He always lets us know that He's not far away. I love this work and I love Christmas too! 

Have a wonderful Christmas this year!


-Elder Jackson

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