Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unto [Me] a son is Given!

Hello everyone!

Elder Mercado (son) and Elder Jackson (dad)
Well, I now have my first child [fyi, when missionaries train a brand new missionary they refer to them as children and the trainers as parents....], and his name is Elder Mercado (market in English). He's from Nicaragua, which means I've now had companions from all five Central American countries! Legally Panama isn't part of Central America. But anyway he is really awesome, and we get along really well. He has a powerful testimony and he invites the spirit every time he speaks in the lessons. I'm proud to have a son like Elder Mercado.

So we visited Cindy and Francisco twice this week. The first time she told us that she has felt that the church is where she needs to be, the place where their new daughter will be able to learn and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and where she can develop even more her relationship with God. So she is committed to be baptized the 26th of December! We left the pamphlets of the Word of Wisdom and The Law of Chastity and she read them both completely. We asked her what she learned and she explained it all perfectly, mentioning parts of the lecture that I forgot were in there! She is one of the most amazing investigators I've ever taught in my whole mission. They came to church in our ward for the first time and enjoyed it. Thank you for all the prayers on their behalf; keep it up, because your prayers are working!
What a great dad! Smile! You're on camera!

Love you all!

-Elder Jackson


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