Monday, December 7, 2015

My First Christmas Gift!


Elder Ben and Elder Caal
Well, tomorrow I receive my first Christmas gift! I'm gonna have a kid! I still don't know who it is, but I got the email from President saying that I'll be training this change! It's gonna be a long change of 8 weeks instead of the usual 6, because this change that we just finished was only 4 weeks. 

But honestly it does not feel like Christmas is in 3 weeks... Even though the decorations have been up since Halloween, it just doesn't feel like Christmas. 

I'm actually pretty sad that Elder Caal is leaving. I feel like our time shouldn't be over still, and he feels the same. He gave his last testimony in church yesterday and it was really awesome. The mission has definitely changed him, and he has inspired me in many ways. He admits that he wasn't always the best missionary, but I have felt the humility that he has developed and the desire he has to do good. I hope to keep in touch with him and I'm anxious to see him reach his potential. 

District (no names of sisters....)
So I can say that while I'm gaining a son, I'm losing a friend. But that's what Facebook is for right? ;) I'll have more to talk about next week when I've got my new comp!

Love you guys!

-Elder Jackson

Dear Mom,
"Family" Reunion! Old comps
It has been great with Elder Caal. I'm still with him today, but tomorrow I'll have my new son! It has been difficult sometimes because the area is a little hard, but we've been doing our best to keep working. My comp was a little baggy some days, but he hasn't been too affected. Honestly he's been one of my favorite comps. This change I'll feel a bit more motivated in some ways. The baptism we have planned is for Cindy de Gonzalez, the wife if the less-active member that I mentioned a couple times. It would be awesome if you guys could pray for her because it has been difficult to visit them for obstacles of time.

Love you mom!


More "family" pictures

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