Monday, October 5, 2015

New Area!

Good morning!

Well, I'm in a new area that neither my comp nor I know, so it's been fun! We walked a lot, sometimes in the neighboring mission, we talked with a lot of interesting people, and we almost got lost! But everything is going great! My companion Elder Caal is from Coban, Guatemala and finishes his mission in December. 

[I just looked on the map and his new area has the mission boundaries run right through it with a few zigzags! He can literally walk back and forth between missions depending on what block they are on!]

So I've been learning a lot about clarity recently. For a while I got into the habit of making long complex explanations of doctrinal principles, but I lost the beautiful clarity of the simple gospel truths. Then I started going back to the basics, and I have felt so much power in our lessons. All we have to do is tell the people exactly what they need. A doctor doesn't beat around the bush when he gives a prescription. He tells you what medicine you need to take, how often, and for how long. So as I've put that into practice my own understanding has increased. People need to repent because if they don't, they can't be saved in the kingdom of God. People need to read the Book of Mormon because it was written for them and tells them how to live the gospel correctly. People need to be baptized by priesthood authority because if they don't, it doesn't count. We know this is true, so why be afraid to share it? 

I know it's true, so I won't be afraid to share it. The other day I contacted a man who wanted to prove that the Book of Mormon couldn't be the word of God. He tried to win me over with Biblical references. The spirit whispered to me multiple biblical references to counter him, and then I simply testified of the simple truths of the Book of Mormon. Before we said goodbye he asked if we could bring him a Book of Mormon so he could read it. I told him it would be my pleasure. 

In the words of President Uchtdorf on Saturday, Simplify!

I love you all!
-Elder Jackson

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