Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Already Week 5??!!


District with Pres & Sis Caffaro visiting
I can't believe we're already starting the fifth week of the change! I feel like I just started... I'm really enjoying it here with Elder Caal. He's a great companion. Even though he's finishing his mission, he still has a desire to work, and I'm gonna make sure he keeps it up. 

We found a really awesome family this week! Francisco is a member from another stake, but he went inactive for a while and moved to our area. He got married, and he decided to start reactivating himself. His wife is extremely interested. He was going to his old ward with his mom, but the missionaries talked with them and passed the references to us about 2 weeks ago. This week we finally went to look for them. Just in time I might add. Today their first little girl is being born, and with that, they want to provide her with the best example in their home. Hence, Cindy really wants to learn more about the gospel and the church to find out if it's where she needs to be. Up to this point in her life, she has never found the religion that she feels good enough to be baptized in. This Sunday they are going to come to church with us as long as she is able to come for the baby, and for the recuperation from the C-section. But they are super awesome so we have faith that they will come.

So, we're pluggin along with faith to find more of the chosen people like the Gonzalez family that God has prepared in the area. I love this work with all my heart!

I also love all of you :D

-Elder Jackson

[Half of the quilt I made Ben. Striped fabric is from Guatemala]
Dear Mom,
That hurricane hit us too! Just the spin-off though. 

[After seeing pictures of his quilt I made with the Guatemala fabric he sent home.] 
IT'S SO AWESOME!!! Thank you Mommy!! Seriously though, I love the quilt! But I don't give you permission to use it . . .  ;)

[David and I used Brians the whole time he was gone. So this winter we plan to use Ben's!]

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