Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Being Genuine

Hello everyone!

Well mom, don't freak out [I didn’t and don’t but I have now decided I should some time to satisfy my children!], but I got bit by a mosquito and now I have chikungunya (something like that, no one is really sure how to spell it or say it) so I have been a bit sick, but it appears that my body has high defenses so it's hardly affected me. A bit of a fever a few days ago, Allergic reaction in my whole body (the lavander oil has helped a ton) and a tiny bit of aching in my bones, but as you will probably look it up as soon as you read this, the symptoms can be a lot worse. Thanks for all the vegetables and healthy stuff you fed me when I was a kid even though I didn't enjoy it at all ;)

But yeah, this week I learned about being genuine, without false impressions or appearances to please others or get something out of it. On Sunday the Elder's quorum lesson was on this topic from the Liahona, and the thing that I liked most from the brother that taught was one comment he made. He is a successful businessman here in Guatemala so he has money, but he talked about how many people will buy nice cars and stuff to look good to the public, but their kids are starving at home, so at the same time they try to pull the "I'm poor" thing to get help for their family, when they should just be genuine and sell their car. The brother told us that he likes to buy nice cars, nice speakers, TVs and such, but when it comes down to his family in need, he sells his possessions to help his family. After all, what's more important, your family, or your possessions? Your family, or your public eye? Forget yourself and be genuine. Like the Family Castellanos. They made it clear that they didn't want to go to church with us just to make us happy, rather, they would go because they wanted to. And through patient teaching and love, trusting in the Lord, they came to church of their own accord yesterday. They are possibly one of the best examples of being genuine I've seen, especially the 10 year old David. He has a spirit so strong and pure that he would have been one of the children that Jesus would have used in His example of the Kingdom of God.

Let's not try to put on a show to be better than others or to make others happy. Let's be genuine disciples of Christ, letting go of everything that has no true worth.


-Elder Jackson

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