Monday, July 13, 2015

Old Dog of Nimajuyu

Dear friends and family,

Well, I'm now the old dog of the zone. I don't have changes, so I'll be staying in Guajitos with Elder Alvarado, but Elder Bentley goes. That means I'll have almost 8 months in this zone, though I'll have been in 2 areas. 

This week we saw miracles. Mostly yesterday though. At the beginning of the week we made a covenant as a zone that in each area we would find 20 new people to teach. On Sunday we had 14 and so we needed 6 more to complete the covenant. We worked hard all afternoon, and I did divisions with a member, but we didn't find anyone new. We met up with our comps again at the end of the day a little disheartened, but it turned out that they by a miracle had found exactly 6 people! So we had completed with the covenant we made. That's the power of covenant-making. If we have the faith and we work to complete, God will always fulfill His part so that we can fulfill ours. God is with us in this work. It's His work, so it only makes sense that we should always invoke His help. And if we invoke His name in humility and faith, He will give us the victory (D&C 104:82).

Have a wonderful week, I know I will!

Elder Jackson

Dear Family,
Yeah I've been pretty baggy for Whitey's for like a week. And now that news about Blue Bell just broke my heart. [full recall of all Blue Bell ice cream products and plants all shut down because of bacteria problems. Blue Bell is the Texas ice cream addiction] 

I'm doing really well though, everything is great, and I have felt a lot of strength and growth in these last couple of weeks. I love you guys so much :) 

- Elder Ben

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