Monday, July 27, 2015

In the Service of our Fellow Beings

Hello friends and Family!

I dunno about you guys, but I love giving service! Sadly many people here don't let us help them, but almost every time I knock a door I offer my service to them. And it eventually has its fruits. My comp knocked a door and the man was shoveling dirt out to continue building his house. We offered to help, and he accepted. It turns out that missionaries almost 10 years ago helped him fix his car, so he knew we really could help. It also turns out he was a pastor, but that didn't matter at all, because we were simply helping a fellow man without interest of any kind other than the satisfaction of knowing we made his day a lot easier.

We also had the opportunity to give spiritual service yesterday. We were prompted to pass by an active family in the ward that hasn't gone to church for a few weeks as they deal with the terminal health problems of their mom. We stopped by, and we found out that the young men hadn't given them the special sacrament to them this week, so we called the bishop and got permission to do it for them. After that we shared a little thought and sang "Para Siempre Dios Esté con Vos" (God be With You til we Meet Again). The spirit was so strong that almost all of them were crying. I almost did.

I testify of the words of King Benjamin. As we serve our fellow men, we are serving God also. Every time I get the chance to help someone, I feel His presence with me. If you want to feel closer to the Savior, serve your fellow men.

I love you guys!

-Elder Jackson

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