Monday, June 29, 2015

Fair Skin Problems!

Hello everyone!

Well, once again I'm kinda stuck without much to tell. At this point in the mission it gets really difficult to remember what happens cuz all the days run together...

On Saturday we went and gave service to a family in the zone leader’s area, hauling dirt out of their new house so they could start building it up more. They are a super awesome family that was baptized yesterday. But being white and being outside all morning takes its toll. Now Elder Bentley and I are super burned on our necks faces and still recovering. Also as a result of being white everyone assumes that we have money and try to rip us off, and all the drunks in the street want us to give them money.

My new area is a great area, though a little difficult at times. But that's how it goes in almost any area. Teaching in a trio is interesting too. You have to divide the lesson into smaller portions so everyone can share.

This week I've learned a little more about love and patience. I've come to have more empathy for the people that are struggling and giving them genuine love through my words and my ears. I've also come to understand the pains and sorrows of the prophets of old when the people rejected their prophesies; sorrow which comes from truly loving those people despite what they say, and understanding what their potential really is. The worth of souls is extremely great, and I have come to recognize that a little more this week. I love the people here. Many don't understand our message, and many don't want to. Many of them don't want anything to do with us, but that doesn't matter. They are my brothers and sisters, and I cannot help but love them, and feel true sorrow when they choose not to follow the path that Jesus laid. I also cannot describe the joy I feel for them when they decide to move forward, open their hearts and let the shining light of Christ enter into their lives. That is the joy of a missionary and minister of Jesus Christ; the joy of a disciple.

Have a wonderful week! I love you!

Elder Jackson

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