Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stayin Put! Yeah!

Dear friends and family,

Erick Elias - baptized in March
So I was almost sure that I was going to have changes, but it turns out Elder Cuello and I are gonna be working together for a third change. I was pretty psyched out, not gonna lie. I even took some pictures with some of the members, and had made plans for today in the afternoon to visit some of my favorite families in the ward. But nope. No one in our district has changes, and only one area in the zone is being closed and one elder has changes. After these changes we'll only have 10 elders in the zone. Kinda weird, but there's still something that Elder Cuello and I have to do here.

This week our success came in interesting ways, and it sure didn't come in the form of lessons or other weekly dats [stats?]. In that respect we ended quite depressing. But we were inspired to pay a visit with Erick, my super awesome convert in March. He is without a doubt an elect son of God, because he has more trials than anyone I've ever met. He told us about some of the things he has been passing through recently, but it was definitely what we needed to do on Saturday. And it was made obvious because we couldn't accomplish anything in the day until we went with him. 

All the ward missionaries - yes, they are all young single adults
Sometimes we can get lost in trying to do things just so we can get "the dats" but often times when we do that we miss the opportunities more important to be able to minister and serve others. We should always strive to fulfill the requirements, but often times, the Lord requires us to do something aside from the requirements. We must have our eyes and hearts open to always do the will of the Lord.

Until next week,

Elder Jackson

So yep. I'm staying with my comp for another change. We're both happy because we get along, and we both have high goals for this area, and the ward really likes us. To answer some of your other questions, no one in my mission has bikes, and only the assistants and secretaries have cars. We walk when it's close, take buses if it's far, and if we're late, we take Tugtugs (pronounced toogtoog). I'll send a picture so I don't have to explain what they are.

So this is a Tugtug

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