Monday, May 18, 2015

Hangin' in There

Dear friends and family,

Well, with our second change together drawing to a close, Elder Cuello and I are working hard to end it on a high note. I will probably have changes, but I won't know until next Sunday night. This week there's not much to tell, because it was hard to get lessons in, but the lessons we did have were really good. Sometimes the rain can be a blessing because then people let you into their house with less problem. It also lets us see who the real Christians are. We have already gotten soaked a good deal of times in the last couple of days, but we neither of us mind very much. It cools off the weather a little bit. The rainy season is what they call winter, but it sure ain't cold! 

It's pretty cool when people receive their mission calls here, because there isn't a mail system. Instead a member of the stake presidency comes to the ward, gives a little talk, and then reveals the big manila envelope to give to the future missionary. The girl was crying so much I hardly understood her when she was bearing her testimony, but it was an awesome experience. We couldn't go by the stake center at the time she opened it, but that's also a big deal when everybody goes to see where she's called. We still don't know, but we'll find out soon enough. We have pretty constant contact with the Paredez family. 

I love this work with all my heart. It's hard, but every moment is worth it. From the moment you first knock on someone's door, to the spiritual moments that you share in powerful lessons, to watching your investigators be baptized by their best friend, to having the privilege of confirming them a member and conferring upon them the Gift of the Holy Ghost, even in the moments of sadness for the great spiritual blindness of the people or moments of frustration and contempt when they slam the door in your face; That is the Savior's yoke, and He has called us to bear it. But not alone. He is right next to us, hauling with the same force with which we haul. He is not only our coach, he is our teammate, our most trusted friend. Let us all press on in the work of the Lord. 

Love you all!

Elder Benjamin Jackson

Dear family,
Elder Cuello and I get along really well, though we do have some differences.  But everyone has differences so that doesn't matter. Brian might know what máte is, an herbal drink from Argentina. My comp's family sent him a kilo of it. It's pretty good. Things are going well despite the difficulties in the work, but that's nothing new. And I can't complain because Jess should have it a lot harder over there in Germany.

Love you guys!

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