Monday, April 27, 2015

Just Another Week

Hello Friends and Family!

Well, this week was just another week in the mission field! Not that it was boring, it's never boring, but not much out of the ordinary happened. We did walk around for like 45 minutes with a half crazy woman looking for her sister and her son so she could tell them sorry for something she had done. We wanted to help her, and we did let her borrow our phone to call her sister, but she didn't know exactly where she lived, but she didn't want us to leave. So that was interesting.

Mom, I loved what you told me about the elder who always read Alma 7:23-24 and applied one of the attributes in his day. I have felt a difference. I also felt a lot of opposition. The day I chose "temperate in all things" I lost my temper with a Catholic contact who bashed the church saying it was a sect and that we have no base in our beliefs. It was really weird because I haven't lost my temper in like 9 months. But afterwards I felt really bad and had to pray to get the spirit back. The Lord lets us be tested, and He knows we mess up, but He also knows that messing up is the best way to learn. I learned a lot from that experience, one major lesson being forgiving those who offend us. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we naturally inherit the persecution, offenses, and abuses that have attacked it since the beginning. Those negative forces should never overpower our desire to follow Christ, and love our fellow men no matter what they do or say to us. We must be examples of the believers, and show the world how to truly follow the Savior. I will try to be humble and kind, full of charity and forgiveness towards those who offend me. Then I will receive the forgiveness of God in the last day.

Love you all a ton!

Elder Benjamin Jackson

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