Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello Everyone!
Erick Elias - Elder Jackson - Elder Cuello (visiting Sisters and Elders)
I have a new comp! Elder Cuello (neck in Spanish) from Argentina! He has 5 months in the mission so I am now senior comp! He is an awesome missionary and has a lot of drive. Very different from my last comp. We are working hard to rebuild the area and he has helped me a ton to feel animated. Killing a comp is difficult, especially at the beginning of the misson, but it was a good learning experience.

Elder Ben - Erick Elias' Baptism
Erick Elias was baptized yesterday and I baptized him! The first time for me doing the ordinance. I was a bit nervous, but more cold then anything. They don't have heaters here for the fonts! The whole district got to know him, so they came too. He is awesome! He leaves with us to do visits almost every other day. He even gave some 'chicote' to a recent convert who wasn't going to church! Chicote literally is a bullwhip, so with that you should understand the meaning.  ;)

Love you guys! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Jackson

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