Friday, March 20, 2015

Parties and Breakups

Hello everyone!

I know what you might be thinking, but it's not that I promise. 

Infamous Birthday Cake [I want some]
Party because Wednesday was Elder Narvaez' birthday. He's one of our Zone Leaders. So we celebrated with a great dinner and a cake at a sister's house. It's a birthday tradition to slam the person's face in the cake after the song. I love birthday parties here. [so did Ben get cake in the face a few weeks ago?? will have to ask]

Breakups because our investigator Fernando's girlfriend walked out on him with most of his money and his phone on Saturday. We didn't have an appointment with him, but we felt that we needed to pass by. He was sitting on his couch just watching TV, with his hair all down (he normally has a bun and 2 dreads). He told us what happened and said that even though he was really down he had no desire to drink or even smoke, like he normally does. I felt inclined to promise him that if he went to church with us the next morning that he would be able to obtain the money he needed to get to and from work for the next 2 weeks until he got paid. I lent him my watch with an alarm and the next morning we went by and he was all ready to go. And he didn't light up a cigarette like he normally does when he walked outside. He had a really good day at church and was in a good mood, even though he's normally very pessimistic. Also he grew up in Washington DC so he speaks perfect English.

Birthday Cake in the face!
Often times the Lord causes bad things to happen to us or other people around us, and it is easy to wonder why He would be so unloving as to do that. But it's not that he is so unloving, rather it's because we are obstinate and don't recognize how much we need Him. Because He is loving, He sends us trials so that we can learn to depend on His goodness instead of ourselves or other things like money. We must find the right perspective; an eternal perspective. When we can achieve that point of view and submit our will to the will of the Father, we can become even as Jesus Christ. We cannot achieve perfection as He did in this life, but we will be perfected as we follow His commandments. Jesus is the Christ. Of that I have no doubt. This is His Church, and we are all His children. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

¡Adios hasta la proxima!

Elder Benjamin Jackson

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