Monday, March 2, 2015

Nineteen and Counting

Hello Everyone!
Well now I'm nineteen... I'm so old. Actually I'm still really young. Most of the missionaries are older than me. I've noticed that the Latinos especially leave on their missions a lot older. A lot leave when they are 20 or 21. I think it's because many of them, like Elder Vasquez, get baptized when they are 18 or 19 and then have to wait a year before going. Honestly the single adults are usually the best converts. All three of the people I've helped be baptized have been young single adults. They are more open-minded, more understanding, and have better friends in the church. 

It really is this rising generation that will make all the difference in these last days. The youth are the force of the church. The adults can and should share the gospel with their friends, but the youth are the most powerful instrument in the hands of the Lord in doing His work. God is preparing especially the youth more than ever to share and accept this gospel. I don't know how many of my friends from the youth read this, but remember this: you are being prepared, but even more so, your friends are being prepared. Share what you know to be true. If you feel unsure about how or what to share, ask the missionaries, they can help you. They would be more than happy to provide you with pamphlets to study, copies of the Book of Mormon to give away, or bring you along with them so you can learn better how to share by the power of the spirit. I see the powerful influence of the youth of the church on a weekly basis here in Guatemala, I know you all can make a difference there in the States. Be strong and of a good courage, and be not afraid; for the Lord thy God is with thee.

Love you all,

Elder Benjamin Jackson

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