Monday, February 9, 2015

Pasa Rapido el Tiempo

"The Time Flies!"

Hello everybody!
Elders Vasquez & Jackson - Pizza for 23 months and 6 months
Well, on Friday I hit 6 months in the mission! To celebrate, we learned how to make pupusas, which are tortillas from El Salvador, filled with cheese and stuff and fried. Half our district is from El Salvador, and so is our comedor, so we all got together for lunch and made a bunch. 
Doris Santos was baptized yesterday after church. My third baptism, even though I didn't get to know her all that much, because she was basically ready before I even got here.

Seriously though the time flies like crazy here. I understand why most missionaries don't want to leave; it's not enough time. Time really is one of the most precious gifts we have here in our earthly experience. It's something that we don't get ever again. It's a one time deal. Make every moment count for something good. Maybe we can't get time back, but we can invest it in things that do last for eternity; family, friends, education, knowledge, and most of all, God. If we give our time to Him, He can give us happiness that never ends.

I love you all! Make this week count!

Elder Jackson

Dear Family,

Angel Vasquez?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!!! yeah of course I remembered 
[FYI...Ben's Birthday is on Feb 27th! He will be 19! send a few extra emails????.....]

Oh by the way my area is bigger than just La Venezuela. It's a colonia in my area, but we have maybe three or four other colonias. Also you wanted to know more about my comp, so here we go. He's a really awesome guy, he was baptized about 4 years ago, but now has a lot of knowledge of the gospel and a really cool testimony. He's having a hard time staying focused and animated because he's going home in 3 weeks, but he's still an amazing missionary. He loves futbol (everyone in Latin America does) and he speaks English really well for not having learned before his mission.

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