Friday, February 27, 2015

Alive and Well

Hello everyone! I promise I am alive!

First of all I want to apologize for forgetting to mention last week that this week we were going to the temple as a zone, and as a result our P-day was changed to today. I forgot :P In fact I am in the Family History Center at the temple right now and we just got out of our session. It was wonderful to go through the temple again, and this was my first time to go through in Spanish! 

This last week was a good week, though my comp was struggling quite a bit. He had his last interview last P-day, and after that, well, he went a little limp. But this week he's more animated and wants to end on a good note, so it'll be fun. 

On Monday I taught a sister in the ward how to make pfannkuchen, or the German pancake that I know how to make, and we brought our investigator Eric, who is our neighbor, and will be baptized soon. He is a chef so he learned how to make it too. He is gonna teach us how to make Tres Leches cake for my birthday!  [Here is a huge Happy Birthday to Ben today!]

I have really felt the guidance of the Spirit a lot more this week. He really does help us if we ask. Many times our visits fell through and we had to decide what to do instead. Before, I would often just pick the closest person, be it investigator or member, and just go with that, but recently I have started taking a little bit of time, weigh the options, and afterwards seek the guidance of the spirit. And He answers! I can't count the number of experiences of success we have had this week from following the impressions that come. The Lord loves us so much, and that's why He has given us the gift of the Holy Ghost, to guide us, to protect us, and to let us know that we are loved. He loves me. I know it with all my heart, might and mind. He loves you. Look for the whisperings of the Spirit in your life, and you will know it too.

Much love,

Elder Benjamin Jackson

Hi family!
I really am sorry for not telling you guys, though I feel as though mom would either be having a heart attack right now, or she didn't even think twice about me ;)  [how about no heart attack, did think of him, and only wondered what he was doing to prevent a computer visit...]
This week I'm gonna get fat. Everyone wants to feed us because it's my birthday and because my companion is going home. FIESTAAAAA!!! But don't worry I'm still working hard. I don't feel like I should be turning 19, but at the same time there's no other age that feels like I should be turning. I guess I just need to stay 18 then. I love the temple too, just thought I'd say that :) 
Also the hymns #101 [Guide Me to Thee] and #102 [Jesus, Lover of My Soul] are now some of my all time favorites now. I take some time every once in a while to sightread some hymns that I don't know so I can keep up my music theory and voice. Thanks Ms Gove, I'm officially a choir nerd :P

Well, I love you guys un monton (a lot) :D

Elder Benjamin Jackson

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