Monday, December 22, 2014

Wait... It's Christmas??

I just have to say, it does not feel like Christmas. There's a lot of decorations, and constant fireworks, and I've even bought like 3 quarts of eggnog, but it does not feel like Christmas! Frankly, I just feel weird. I don't feel baggy, or miss home, everything just feels a little surreal. But it's been a good week. 

We had Christmas Zone Conference on Friday, and that was amazing! My first zone conference. President Caffaro is awesome. He's a football coach, so he's a natural born leader, and carries a lot of authority along with his massive build. He is also really funny. We talked mostly about the Book of Mormon, and how we need to use it as often as possible. He told us very straightforward: "If they (the investigators) don't want to hear about the Book of Mormon, they aren't prepared. Drop them and find someone new." Also he told us that we should go back to old investigators that have a copy of The Book of Mormon and ask for it back. He did that in his mission, and said that the majority of the time, they didn't want to give it back, and decided to listen to the lessons again. The Book of Mormon is extremely powerful. It is the keystone of our religion. It makes everything about our Church true, or it makes everything false. I know it's true. Joseph Smith is a prophet, and through him, Jesus Christ himself restored His church on the earth. 

We have also started teaching a woman named Ana Maria. She is elderly and has 7 sons, but has a very strong testimony of Jesus Christ, and wants to be baptized. We first contacted her about 2 months ago, walking from her field where she had just fed her cows. It was late, but we walked with her to her house. After talking a bit, we had to go so we didn't miss the buses back to San Juan. After that we never went to visit her, but I always thought about it whenever we went to that part of our area. Finally, I decided that we would pass by again, and when we did, we had a really good lesson and she accepted the challenge to be baptized, but she wants to talk to her spouse and her children first. I know that the Lord has prepared her to accept our message, otherwise she wouldn't have stuck in my mind as "the cow lady" for 2 months. 
As we listen to the Spirit, we will see ourselves become the instruments of God in doing great things. Maybe baptizing one person isn't a great miracle, or even a whole family, but the great miracle is that we are saving souls, even generations of souls in the future, and generations of souls in the past. This is  the Lord's work. We have the privilege to be a part of it. Thrust in your sickles and reap the blessings that have been prepared for the faithful and valiant.

Have a wonderful week! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Elder Benjamin Jackson

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