Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Those Fechas

Well my title refers to two things. Baptismal fechas (dates) and the whole time period of Christmas and New Year's. This is one of the toughest times of the year because everyone is busy and with family and everything is a blur... it's a bit crazy. But the Lord blessed us this week and we were able to have decent results. We even put a fecha with Ana Maria, one of our investigators! She is really awesome, but her husband isn't too keen on letting her get baptized. It's really difficult to find him at home, so we left Ana Maria a scripture to share with him, and she said that she's praying that he changes his mind. The spirit works in people in interesting ways. It's even so subtle sometimes that I find myself doubting the investigators when they say that everything makes sense and they want to be baptized. I get the thought that maybe they're not really being honest or something, but then I just have to rely on the spirit and trust that He really is working with them and testifying of our words. I think one of the greatest experiences in the mission is to see people change. I haven't had a lot of experiences yet in my short 5 months out here, but the small changes I have seen are spectacular and testimony building. The Holy Ghost is real. He is the third member of the Godhead, and He is always with us if we give place for Him. He testifies of truth, and touches hearts. He changes lives. Let Him change yours, and then be the conduit for Him to change the lives of your friends and family.

Love you all, and have a wonderful New Year!

Elder Benjamin Jackson

Dear family,
Skyping you guys this week was so awesome! it was hard stopping it at an hour, but it was wonderful. I hope you all have a great week and not get sick. On guard has been extremely helpful for me these past couple of days. Mom, be proud of me for taking it even though it tastes like el trasero de una vaca. Ask Brian. [I am embarrassed to translate this into "the back end of a cow". I personally really like the spicy clove and cinnamon flavor]
Love you all, and even more, the Savior loves you :)

Elder Ben Jackson

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