Monday, December 8, 2014

Last Minute Miracles!

Hello Everyone!
District at Mayan ruins last week
It's the end of the change, and my comp is leaving. Also the sisters are both going and closing their area for a change, so my work is gonna double. We have the change meeting tomorrow where we find out who our comps are and where everyone is going. 

We had a baptism!!!! Our friend Luis was going to be baptized on Saturday, but we were thinking of changing it to next week because we hardly are able to visit him. But he called us Wednesday night and asked if he was still going to be baptized on Saturday. We told him that we were probably going to change his date and he was like "seriously? If you want you can come by tomorrow. I've been thinking and I really want to be baptized." So we went and taught him the last
Way up somewhere (Ben is first..."I'm thinkin. I'm thinkin...)
couple of commandments and went over the interview questions, and he had no problems with any of it. So we quickly coordinated with the Zone Leaders and President Flores to make everything happen, and we baptized him Saturday at 3pm! My comp performed the ordinance but I got to be witness so it was still awesome!

The Lord truly blessed us for our work these last 2 changes. We both didn't think we were going to have a baptism together, but then, right at the last moment, He hands us the opportunity and opens all the doors for it to happen. I know the Lord watches over us, and is waiting to bless us at every opportunity. If we can make it through the hard times with faith, diligence, and obedience, there is always a blessing waiting on the other side. Open your eyes, stand up, and get to work; you will begin to see the fruits of your labors as the hearts you touch change from little buds, into great oaks. Share the Gospel with your friends; they are precious souls, children of an Almighty God, waiting to discover their full potential. We have a light; live it, love it, and most of all, share it. Fear not, only believe.
So glad they didn't jump off but they were thinking it.....

This church is true. Jesus Christ lives. He is waiting for us to return to Him. Don't come alone. Bring your friends along so they can reap the great blessings that await them in eternity.

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Benjamin Jackson

Ready? Set. . . . .
Dear Family,
I like the trial and temple comparison. Honestly you can relate the temple, trials, fire, the Holy Ghost, and The Celestial Kingdom quite well. Like a fire, trials refine us and make us perfect. The fire is the Holy Ghost, who purifies us and makes us worthy to enter into God's presence in the Celestial Kingdom. When we are pure, we become sanctified and holy, a place where God can dwell, a temple. But we can't be pure without first being cleansed in the fire.

Les amo muchisimo! [I love you a lot]
Elder Benjamin Jackson
. . . . . JUMP!

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