Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Still Alive! Late P-day this Week

Hello everybody,
Elder Bankhead and the Sisters and ???
Yeah I was going crazy waiting until I could finally write. We had our district P-day yesterday and we didn't have time to write, and this morning we had district counsel and then my comp had a leadership meeting because he's district leader. So now I can finally get on the computer. This week has been pretty good, we're having more success, plus we can finally go to the other parts of our area. What was happening has all cooled down and our restrictions are gone!

I did meet a really cool young man who started speaking to me on the bus. He has a friend who is a member and he's a bit interested, and he asked me what time our church is. He didn't end up coming this week, but we'll definitely follow up with him
Okay, put the suits back on...you look like little boys at the park!
So yesterday we had district P-day. We went to this really awesome park place up in the mountains on the other side of the capital. We brought up our lunch, and spent the whole day hanging out, taking pictures, and swinging on big awesome swings. Also we played a bit of futbol. I'm not as bad as I thought at futbol, but the Latinos still get a good laugh out of me. 
This week is looking up and I know as long as we continue working hard with patience, perseverance, and the right perspective, we will begin to have a mountain of success. The Lord knows all; He knows every one of us perfectly, He knows what we're capable of, and He knows the people we are meant to find. As we diligently seek to know His will, and then commit ourselves to do it, we will receive all the strength necessary to overcome, achieve, and surpass all things that we are given to do. 
I love you all, and wish you well from the beautiful country of Guatemala!

Til next week,
Elder Jackson
Dear family:
So I got you're letter that you sent snail mail. Thanks a bunch for the pictures, I felt a bit left out that I couldn't share any pictures of my family with people [totally forgot to send him a brag book of his family]. 
Ben told us about this awhile back. That is San Antonio Temple!
The oils I brought with me have helped a lot with my feet and keeping away blisters and fungus. Perhaps an extra bottle of lavender would be good. I'll let you know if I have any other things that you can put in a box with the chocolate and cold cereal.

So, Hyrum is gonna be 16 this week huh? Well, advice I would give; Hyrum, I want you to read Preach My Gospel, at least one page or section a day. Or even add it on to family scripture study. Brian told me to read it and I didn't. I regret that decision every second I'm out here. Plus it's a really, really good book! In fact it's one of the most inspired manuals ever written. So read it. Also let me know if you get the job at Firehouse. It's a great place, just make sure you always stand in Holy places, like Lynnae. I always think of her story about working at the Bread Basket. That will stick with me forever I hope. And just let them know you're my brother and they'll treat you significantly better. 

Well, here goes another week! Tomorrow all the greenies meet up again for a checkup meeting and to receive counsel, so it will be fun to see the old gang again! Minus Elder Pilling. I hope he's doing great over in Nicaragua. I love you guys, keep being amazing, and keep living every day to it's fullest!

Elder Benjamin Jackson

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