Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Week to Go!!

Hello everyone,
This is my last week in the CCM and then I head out into the great big world! I've been learning so much and I am so excited to get out there! I won't lie, I've been a little nervous, but I trust completely in the Lord to support me. I will most likely not be able to understand a word anyone says , but I'm just planning on smiling and enjoying every minute. We must first pass through the hard things before we can begin to feel the blessings, so why not just be happy during the hard things so you can be happy all the time? Besides, if we can overcome our trials with happiness and faith, our blessings that come afterwards will only increase. 

So our big trip to the market last Tuesday. We got our cameras back for the trip, but we had to give them back again so no pics until after I leave. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch (that was so good!) where we were all in heaven for a half an hour. Then we bused over to a big relief map of Guatemala that was made like 100 years ago! It's still one of the most accurate maps of Guatemala! The guy who made it rode around on a horse for 14 years straight. We got some pictures there and then we went to the central market. There was a lot of really cool stuff there, but I only ended up buying a couple pens. That's a place I would go back to after my mission to buy awesome decorations for my house. We were all so happy to finally actually get a good look at the city, since we really can't see anything from inside the CCM. Even though there are a lot of poor people here, and the streets are small and relatively crowded, it is a surprisingly clean city. Those who don't have jobs simply work for the city to clean up all the trash and do small repair work anywhere they can, so it's a fairly nice place.

Other than that, not much has been happening besides the daily routine of class, food, class, teach, food,  more class, and bed. Elder Pilling and I have really come together this past week and we've started being able to teach with a lot of spirit and power. He is such an amazing person. He had a rough couple of years, but he's come out of it to be a truly wonderful missionary. I am so blessed to have had him as my first companion. I know the Lord loves me, and I know he loves every one of you. I love you too and I thank you for your prayers and thoughts. 
Til next week,
Elder Jackson

Dear family,
I am so glad to hear everything is going well. Mom, just keep letting the spirit teach through you. He is the teacher, we are the mouthpiece. He knows exactly what those youth need to hear and if you let Him, you will be able to speak those words to them. I love you so much Mom. Be sure to thank Uncle Duane a thousand times over for me! The little thoughts are what make me happy. I'm so happy to know that Brother Lawrence is doing well. I actually got a feeling in the temple the other week that I would be able to see him again after my mission. Give Jess all the best of wishes, I sent a quick note to her today and I've been thinking about her a lot. Hyrum, tell me what's up in your life. Dad, you're the best and I love you more than any other dad in the world. I know, you're the only dad I have, but that's not the point. I could've chosen anybody, but I picked you. 

PS The Dear Elder letter took 3 weeks to get here and regular mail takes about a week. Send me one of both as soon as I'm in my first area and we'll see how it works out in the field.

Love you all sooo much
Elder Ben Jackson

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