Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Week in the Field!

Dear Everyone,
Man it's been too long since I wrote last! I assume you got the email photo from Presidente Caffaro that I wasn't dead. Well, I'm in the field, and my first area is called San Juan Sacatepequez (we'll see if dad can pronounce that). It's outside the capital, so I get a bit of a different atmosphere here. I like it.

My trainer is Elder Bankhead, or in Español Banco-cabeza. He's really cool and we get along really well. Presidente and Hermana Caffaro are amazing! They just got here in July and my group was only their second wave of new missionaries! Poor Hermana Caffaro knows less Español than we do, but she's awesome. They've been making a lot of changes in the mission too apparently, and I'm pretty sure they're for the better.

My first week has been pretty good so far. I came in at a low point for our area, so we don't really have any investigators and we have to start from the bottom, so we haven't been having a lot of success, but Elder Bankhead and I are getting the ball rolling again.

The culture didn't hit me as hard as I was expecting, but the whole language thing has been a bit rough. Elder Bankhead says I already speak way better than him when he first got out, so I guess I'm doing pretty good, and I'm not too worried, but I do get a bit stressed when I am trying to say things that I want to, but I don't know the words. I am really loving it here, and I am super pumped to be out of the CCM at last! I am working on building my courage to talk to people more, I'm pretty timid at street contacting, but I am doing what I can, and I know the Lord will support me and help me improve. It is only the first week after all. I love you all so much and I thank you all for your prayers and support.

Til next week!
Elder Jackson
Dear Mom and Dad and Hyrum,
We have a brother in our ward named Hermano Celestino. He is the only one who speaks much English in the ward and he's really awesome. I feel the Savior's love and your love every day and I know I am being supported. I'm still getting over a bit of a cold I got the day before I left the CCM, but I'm doing great. My feet are getting used to the walking, and I've been really enjoying the food. I even ate sliced cucumber! [that deserves way more exclamation points than one] 
I promise I will write more next week.
Love you all sosososo much,
Elder Ben Jackson

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