Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Off to Guatemala!

[So this is still mom here filling in on what happens with Ben until he actually writes. [brackets indicate mom's thoughts] Ben was set apart as a full time missionary on Monday night. Cousin Val was with us and we had a wonderful hour with our Stake President Hollingsworth. Lots of great council and advice. Remember you are still Ben. Be obedient. Listen to the Spirit. Focus all you do towards Christ. Let the music ring through you to reach others. Use and develop your talents.

Monday morning we finally got Ben's itinerary that he was flying out Tuesday at 4:00pm with a long layover in LAX and the final leg being his flight from LAX to Guatemala from 12am-6am Wednesday morning. We haven't heard anything so that means they have him safe and sound at the Guatemala MTC.

Yesterday, Jackson Zamora and Warren Park came to bid farewell and it was great to see them all smile and play the guitar one last time. This Priest quorum has been great for Ben and a huge strength. Jackson & Jamison Zamora, Calvin Woods and Ben are all either on their missions or soon to be. The younger priests are following well in their footsteps!

Yesterday we got Ben all ready and packed and did the triple check of everything. We arrived at the airport on time, if not early and Ben got out of the car and said, "Oh no! I forgot my suit jacket!". No small amount of panic waved through us and quick calculating on our watches of how much time to drive back home and get back before the flight left. Then I called my dearest neighbor Angie. She said she could walk directly out her door, go to our home, get in through the garage, grab the jacket and drive to the airport. Thirty-five minutes later there she was with a huge smile and Ben's suit coat at the curb of the airport drop off! I should have taken a picture of her as she pulled up! Alas, we didn't get any pictures at the airport. But we have bunch coming from our photo shoot Monday of the whole family dressed up for the setting apart (on a very hot Texas evening!).

So, emotionally I have been a fine rock of a mother up to yesterday when we drove away from the airport....then it finally hit me my sweet, quiet Ben was gone. No tears, but close enough. I had to text Lynnae and ask for some support and comforting words. David turned on a movie to distract himself from his own thoughts. I really didn't want to watch "Rocky II" but ended up in there anyway to distract myself! Whimpering was not unheard of yesterday!

I think this sending children off on their first solo life flight is getting harder each time I do it. We have joked about Hyrum being velcro-ed to mommy for years. I fear I will be velcro-ed to him when it is time for him to leave! But in all honesty, David and I are much too excited now about preparing ourselves to serve missions that I know we will be willing to let all our children go.

Today I am full of faith that Ben is being well cared for and in the middle of jumping into a whole new life of greatness and rich experiences. I am never more serene, happy or calm as when I truly surrender my children to God, who has first claim on them anyway.]

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