Monday, July 28, 2014

MIssionary Momma's Thoughts

[So! This is the missionary mom prepping blogs for my two children.

Ben and Jessa both have their mission calls and report within one month of each other.

Ben gets to fly directly to the Guatemala MTC on August 5, 2014. Jessa reports to the Provo MTC September 10, 2014.

Taking Ben to the temple both in June and July was a highlight for us as parents. He is a soft spoken young man but has many deep and insightful thoughts as he ponders and reflects on what he is doing. His talk yesterday at church was fabulous and very applicable to everyone present. He spoke on love and service and how we do here what Christ did when He was on the earth.  He spoke well beyond his years and impressed many with his thoughts and stories.

Ben also sang a solo "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" and this old mommy was in tears, both for the practices and the actual performance. Brian accompanied him, double mommy pride. Ben has such a beautiful voice that I recognized years ago and thus forced him into choir his freshman year of High School. His voice has only become richer, fuller and more amazing as the last four years have melted away. When we get the practice video of his solo online I will post it here.

As a mother seeing two of her children head off for two years to serve Jesus Christ as His missionaries I am humbled and oh so very grateful to let them go! I dread not the separation. I love that they want to be in God's service. Giving them to the Lord for two years is small payment for the years of heavenly direction I have been given as a mother.

May we all be blessed as we read and
watch Ben grow through his letters the next two years!]

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